The 4 New U Life Products One Man Utilized In His Weight Loss Transformation - New U Life

The 4 New U Life Products One Man Utilized In His Weight Loss Transformation

Photo of Larry Kolster Whole Body Challenge

Larry Kolster began his weight loss journey in the Whole Body Challenge two months after it started. But even at a late start, he was able to lose a total of 22 pounds, have increased energy and mental clarity, and see the results he was looking for.

Throughout the challenge, Larry saw many benefits by taking New U Life® products: SomaDerm® gel, KetoNight™, KetoDay™, and KG4™. “It just seemed to accelerate everything, in my opinion, make everything work better,” he said. Pair that with a ketogenic diet and his participation weekly into the Whole Body Challenge and he began to see some fascinating benefits.

Luckily, during this transformation experience, Larry didn’t experience the keto flu. While not a real flu, the so-called ‘keto flu’ presents some of the same issues, including nausea, headaches, fatigue, and those heavy sugar cravings. “I kept reading about the dreaded keto flu, but I never even saw it due to the supplements,” Larry said.

While taking the products during this challenge, Larry also felt his energy levels go up, even while working out. For his exercise routine, he would bike ride on a consistent basis and lift weights to build muscle.

“I started the (SomaDerm) gel one week before I started the keto diet and just sleeping better and my energy level going up was great as far as really giving me a boost,” he said.

Larry also saw impressive results while he was on the keto diet using the New U Life supplements. Before the challenge even began, Larry had tried dieting for two months and although he had successfully lost 15 pounds, he was nowhere near dropping his body fat or losing inches from his waist. He was also going through bottles of antacids monthly, and wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

By the end of the challenge, Larry no longer needed his bottle of antacids. He lost 5 inches off his stomach, and on top of that, had increased his mental focus and sustained energy!

As a New U Life Distributor, Larry can’t wait for life to normalize again, so he can show his transformation to others in person, allowing them to see that he is a living testimony that the products work and they’re sustainable.

He shared with us,

“This is not a diet but a total lifestyle change. I look and feel so much better and my confidence is at an all-time high. I get excited to see old friends and show them what the new me looks like. Thanks, New U Life for this transformational opportunity!”

-If you want to learn more about what these transformative products can do for you or others, check them out here!


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